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DPI of the Year 2022

The slideshow of all of the photos is available in the Competitions section.

Joint First:

Edmund Tickner with Museu de les Ciencies and Gary Neesam with Gridline Grit.

Second Julie Meakins with Halftime.

Third Laurence Abrahams with The View

Fourth Ian McElroy with Copnniston Jetty

High Commended:

Ian McElroy with Beach Wave

Peter Richards with Lake Hallstatt, Obertraun, Austria

Claire Greener with Guiding Light

Judith Duddle with Osteospermum

Lynne Ceeney with Sea Smash Sunset

Edmond Tickner with Girl in the Gallery

Lynne Ceeney with Doing Time

Ian McElroy with Island Chapel Sunset

Held Backs:

Yvonne Connelly with On the Forest Floor

Rob Fairhead with Zigzag

Julie Meakins with Reflecting

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