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Print Competition Rules

  • All prints should be either surface mounted on card or behind straight/bevel cut picture window aperture.

  • The mounts may be any rectangular shape or colour provided it is within the boundaries of a 500mm by 400mm rectangle.

  • The minimum picture size acceptable is 300mm.

  • Prints may be either self or trade processed. 

  • Prints shall have the entrants name, a title and the club name printed clearly on the back preferably in the top left-hand corner.

  • Prints are accepted at the owners risk.

  • Entries for each print competition shall be handed to the Competition Secretary at least one week before the competition to allow for sorting and preparation (unless otherwise advised).

  • Each entrant is allowed to submit 3 colour and 3 mono prints in each competition.

This is only an outline, the full competition rules are available to download in the Members' section

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